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About Envision Better

Thank you for your interest in the Envision Better!  The world is comprised of countries, countries have cities and towns, cities and towns have families, and families have wonderful people like YOU! 


Most people understand that humanity will not thrive if we continue to operate as individuals and forget the community aspect of our human nature. Our "People Helping People" community initiative will ensure that philosophy is heard around the world. 


In the grand scheme of things, this world seems to be very, very complicated and overwhelming to even think about for most people. Once you peel the layers back and each individual identifies the most positive WHY they have for themselves, only then will we be able to work together to keep humanity strong, positive and prosperous.


At Envision Better we believe that everyone has the right to live a life that is prosperous full of joy. What I’ve learned is when

you feel like you’re down and out, the best thing to do is to help someone else in need. With MANY ways to accomplish this, we’ve taken the approach to facilitate a positive “I can” mentality, ways to keep the body operating at optimal levels, finances to facilitate your dreams.  This will allow you to do much more for the ones you choose to influence. 


If every individual became more self-aware, generated positive energy, learned to live compassionately and empathetically, then the first step of ending so much negative. Our emotions and actions such as bullying, hatred, bigotry, and all the negative –isms out there could be eradicated. There wouldn’t be a need to break others down to “feel better” about themselves. People would be more willing to help incapable of helping themselves without hesitation or a need for reprisal.


If we took care of our bodies physically, we would have the energy to act on the wonderful thoughts and ideas that our positive minds will constantly formulate. Without the energy and physical abilities to act on our awesome ideas, we’d only keep ideas under siege which would not serve the world.


All of the above is a beautiful place to be mentally and physically. Let's face it, the way that today’s modern societies are constructed, there are certain monetary needs and resources that are typically required to keep our societies moving forward.  Until the day we don’t need money to live the lifestyle of our choosing we must be able to fund our passions. A good way that I found to do that is through leverage, multiple streams of residual and willable income.


Lastly, the cornerstone of our philosophy that truly embodies what we stand for is our commitment to community service in any capacity necessary to helping someone or a group of someones LIVE A BETTER LIFE!

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