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THE FOUNDER - Tobaski Snipes

How many people do you know that want to live a better life? Everybody knows that people in some way shape for or

fashion people strive to improve their lives even though it can be challenging at times. Would it be ok if I were to show unique

and proven ways to simplify and improve that process with a few adjustments to the way you already live life? Together,

let’s defeat mental complacency, physical and financial stagnation one action at a time. Stick with me and we’ll have you

smiling every day while simultaneously scratching your head as to why you had not learned about this awesome

information and lifestyle sooner? 


Here’s a tiny bit about me. I was born at a very early age…😉 Yes, chronologically, that is true. Lol


Seriously, I am a visionary who is extremely positive and have an intellectually, socially and financially diverse way of

thinking. For the past several years even while serving my country through multiple deployments as a combat helicopter

pilot and leader, I had my sights set on how I can make the entire world a better place. With a task that daunting,

I knew it could only happen one person at a time.


That’s why Envision Better, LLC was formed and your involvement is so welcomed and important.


I feel that by empowering others mentally, physically and financially, through various proven and innovative approaches, there isn’t much that a given individual can’t accomplish. It has become very apparent that old school ways of doing things might not be the best course of action to heal some of the the hardened hearts around the world. Something must change!


I take pride in stepping outside of the physical boxes of some of my negative childhood and current surroundings society has placed me in. More importantly exploring outside of the societal mental boxes, has allowed me to see things as they truly are. Embracing many different perspectives has allowed me to seek, find and implement techniques and ideas that are very effective in helping folks like you and me to become the individuals we've always dreamt we would be.   


Now that you have visited my page, you have become a part of Envision Better. Whether you gather more information and take action with me is yet to be seen.


A quote that I like to say is, “When you Envision Better, you can achieve more when you are educated, innovative and unafraid”.  Every one of us has the right and capability to “Live a Better Life”.  Anyone can start a wave by themselves, but you become a force when you move together. Let’s all strive to be better people and keep humanity around for a while.



Tobaski Snipes




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