tobaski snipes

Tobaski Snipes


"You can accomplish anything. If one person has done something, you can do it. If no one has done it, then be the FIRST!​"​

~T. Snipes
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Envision Better LLC in Kennewick, WA is all about making a positive impact on the community. Your local resource for improving your mental, physical, financial and emotional wealth using proven strategies and the newest techniques. Advocates for community services including homeless youth shelter and community services for victims of crime.

Is your "stinking thinking" holding you back?


Have you ever been told you need to "think more positively?"

Are you ready to use your mind to "get ahead?"


Are you sluggish and fatigued on the regular?


Do you have chronic aches and pains?


Is your physical condition a hindrance to your success?



Do you have more MONTH than Money?


Do you feel good about how much you're paying in taxes?

Are you ready to create a BUSINESS LEGACY for your family?

Envision Better
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